Benefits of Champion Pre Fabricated Wooden Homes

Short onsite construction time

Following the latest building concepts, all manufacturing processes are undertaken at our production facilities and only assembling and installation is undertaken on site. A Wooden Home of up to 100m² can be delivered, ready to move into in just three months, with on site construction time as little as just 7 days.

Environment Friendly

The assembly process is designed such that there is minimum or no impact on the surrounding flora and fauna. The construction of Wooden Homes is pollution free and leaves behind no solid or liquid waste associated with brick and mortar construction.

Energy saving

Not only is the assembling process significantly energy saving but in its lifetime also, Wooden Homes consume very little energy to cool during summers and heat during winters, leading to high energy efficiency and significant financial savings.

Eco Friendly

All materials used are from ecologically renewable and sustainable resources, from the most reputed companies in the world, thus making Apex Ventura Wooden Homes most Eco Friendly.

Safe & Sturdy

Wooden Homes are a blend of artistic originality and engineering excellence. All interior, external surfaces as well as the foundation are especially treated for permanence, strength and resistance.


Since time immemorial, no material has been able to match the unique characteristics of wood including strength, durability, and ease of use; natural thermal resistance and stability. Log homes, built in accordance with our modern technologies are highly reliable and durable.

Healthy & Natural

Wooden Homes are very healthy for its inhabitants as wood does not emit electrostatic charge and the log walls regulate humidity and temperature inside. The "breathing" property of wood makes them especially healthy for allergic people. It is established that warm and natural wood colour positively influences state of mind, soothes nervous system and creates friendly conditions for recreation.

World Class & Aesthetic

Wooden houses have been very popular in Western countries for a long time. Their fabulous world class appeal is now attracting more and more customers to choose them as their dream homes both for personal as well as commercial ventures. Keeping in view all the benefits and advantages, Wooden Homes are the leading choice for infrastructure as well as tourism development.

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