Why Prefabricated Wood Houses?

  • “Champion Prefabricated Wooden Houses” are Eco-friendly homes that quick to build and Healthier to live in.
  • They are Easy and Fast to build and Extremely Low on maintenance.
  • Wood Is The Most Important Natural Thermo-Protector Material. It is naturally warm in winter and cool in summers.
  • Wood is One of the most Durable building material. Properly notched and maintained houses can stand centuries.
  • There are 600-700 years' houses still standing in Scandinavian countries and Siberia made of Wooden.
  • Log homes, built in accordance with modern technologies, are reliable and durable.
  • Champions Landzone has prefabricated wooden houses, villas and cabins made from Premium quality Kiln Dried wood, milled to Square, Rectangular and D-shaped Logs.
  • All the elements of the house are Pre-fabricated at production facilities with only assembly and installation being done onsite. This process saves time & energy, leading to environment friendly, pollution free construction and significant cost savings.
  • Champion Prefabs & Wooden Homes are Strong, Sturdy, Durable, Earthquake Resistant, Fire Resistant, Termite Proof, Waterproof and capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions such as heavy rainfall, high wind velocity and cyclones.

Wooden Homes can last longer than the lifetimes of most individuals. Wooden Homes in Siberia and Russia are known for having lasted couple of centuries. Life styles of people are changing with each generation. No permanent construction is left as is after a couple of decades. An Average new home is going to be rebuilt in couple of decades in line with the tastes of the next generation and with new gadgets and amenities. Essentially, We can give you a Life time Guarantee on your home with Wooden villas.

Wood house, prefab house, Log cabin


The advantage of wooden house:

1. fire proof
2. environmental friendly
3. corrosion proof
4. water proof
5. vibration resistant
6. special requirement can be met
7. easy to construct and dismount
8. dimension can be customized
9. it's a nature and comfortable home

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